Bordeaux appellations have become a standard. This hierarchical appellation system is not only restrictive but also disregarding of the wines intrinsic qualities. It is time for us to speak up and stand up for ourselves… 


We are standing up for our originality

We refuse to be limited by the prestige of our appellation. We wish to be recognized for our exceptional wines, in right acknowledgment of our qualitative approach.


We are proud of our terroir

The clay-limestone hillsides and plateaus make a unique environment for our vines . It is our treasure, only waiting for you to discover.


We respect our soil

We plead for responsibility, respect of nature and a spirit of openness with the use of organic, bio-dynamic and integrated growing techniques. Yield control is for us a way to maintain our soils.


We bring out the best of our work

We wish to create an authentic relationship between Nature and the work of Man. We adapt to Nature’s different aspects and make sure to always listen to its needs.


We are born pioneers

Our approach is innovative and so is our work: conservation of grape-varieties, sulphur-free vinification,Vinification Intégrale, mass-selection, use of root-stocks…


We are totally independent

We run independent family businesses.
We have deep respect for the careful work of the previous generations who planted the vines we are now growing. Our wish is to pass on high quality vineyards to the future generations.

Our joint signature: a unique savoir-faire. We are all guided by a high level of requirement, work and patience. We want to achieve the perfect balance between the preservation of fruit taste and the maturing of tannins and bring our wines to their best aging potential.
During the wine tastings, everybody agrees : the Saint-Elites are great wines capable to compete with the best Bordeaux.

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